Name Venom
Users Dark Schneider
Manga Debut The Blazing Conqueror

Venom is the signature spell of Dark Schneider that devours the target on a cellular level.

Description Edit

The user summons a destructive enzyme from the gates of Hell that breaks down all the organic matter within it's target, turning it into mush from the inside out. During this process, the victim often spontaneously bursts into flame.


"Sasado! Sasado, Sukerono, Ronsuke! Burning in the depths of the pits of darkness, may the fires of hell take you! Fires become my sword and strike you down. Venom!!"

Zaazard, Zaazard....Schrono, Chronossk...Hellfire Burning in the Pitch Black Mist...Become My Sword and Destroy My Enemy! Unleash Hell's Explosive Venom! (Viz manga incantation)


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