Tia Noto Yoko is the main female of the series and the only person known to be able to control Dark Schneider. She is the daughter of the Great Priest Geo Noto Soto and a 100% virgin (80% in the anime). She is also the self-appointed guardian of Lucien Renlen who she sees as a younger brother. She is the first to use the "Virgin’s Kiss" to awaken Dark Schneider.


Tia is an attractive young redhead in her mid-teens, with long hair (when the series first starts). She matures greatly during the first time-skip.


A strong-willed, hot-blooded and somewhat temperamental girl that can frighten any man once provoked. She's determined to get what she needs done and one of the few people Dark Schneider fears. She acts much like a tomboy and is very protective of Lucien. Despite her affection for Dark Schneider, she quickly denies it. She never wavers in front of the enemy and is practically fearless no matter how powerful they are. She is also always certain that Dark Schneider will win.


The daughter of Great Priest Geo Noto Soto, Yoko was raised by him after his wife's death, and taught the ways of cleric magic and martial arts.  She was raised with a young orphan named Lucien Renlen, who came to be a younger brother to her, for all that they were the same age.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

In the first part of the anime, Yoko only showed minor martial arts training, and limited skills with clerical magic.

After the two-year time skip, Yoko's powers grew tremendously, and she rose to the level of High Priestess. She became a master of clerical magic to the point she was even able to cast a legendary spell capable of raising the recently dead en masse, though at the cost of the caster's life.


  • Tia's height and weight are, 155 cm and 50 kg.
  • She is revealed to be 15 years old in the manga, while the ova claims she is 14 years old.
  • Tia has blood type A.
  • She was born on April 16.
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