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Sheila Metallicana
Japanese Name:
Romanji Name:
Gender: Female
Status: Alive
Occupation: Princess of Metallicana
Affiliation: Metallicana
First Appearance
Manga Debut: The Blazing Conqueror
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Sheila Metallicana is the princess of Metallicana. She is the daughter of the King of Metallicana, and the sister of Lars Ul Metallicana.


Sheila is a young girl, only 17 years old, who has long black hair.



As Tia Noto Yoko introduces herself to Sheila. Sheila approaches Lushe Ren Ren and questions him if the sorcerer who saved them back then would come forth again. After Yoko is kidnapped, Sheila appears in the royal castle informing everyone she has learned a bit of magic too, she also tells him she can do it. After being asked if she is ready, she blushes and replies yes. She asks if it has to maiden's kiss. She then tells them she can do it. After her father the king objects, she tells him about how Yoko who protected the country at a threat to her own life, is in trouble and it's not right that she's the only one who doesn't help. Sheila then ask Luche to come over to her. As Luche leans on her, she tells him to behave himself and remember what they spoke about the other day. After all, he is the one that's going to save us all. She then sighs and asks is Luche ready. Sheila then casts the spell and kisses Luche. As the spells begins Sheila looks on with shock. After Luche transforms into Dark Schneider, Sheila greets him. As Dark Schneider claims he has no intention of saving Yoko as without her he can do whatever he wants. Sheila asks him does he not love Yoko. He tells her he doesn't know and he can have any woman he wants. He then picks up Sheila. She then asks him if he is serious and what's going to happen to Yoko and he isn't really the way she thought him to be. After the events at the castle Sheila follows Dark Schneider in the search for Yoko. A Dark Schneider recommends they stay put. Sheila tells him to be quiet, as she can't trust him, so she has to go along too. It is later revealed that the final seal of the Goddess Anthrax is within her. After the two-year timeskip, Anthrax breaks the seal, tearing Sheila apart. She somehow survives the seal breaking, though it weakened her greatly, and is present to greet her newly restored brother Lars shortly before he went to help battle Anthrax and the Dominion Angels the dark god released. In more recent chapters, she later appears with many of the other characters from previous chapters who hadn't been seen for a while, and representatives of the world's other races, as they watch Dark Schneider's battle with Uriel from afar.

Voice ActorsEdit

  • Japanese: Konami Yoshida
  • English: Bridget Hoffman
  • Italian: Stefania Patruno
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