Porno Dianno
Porno Dianno
Japanese Name:
Romanji Name:
Gender: Female
Status: Alive
Occupation: Devil Commander
Affiliation: Hell
First Appearance
Manga Debut: Chapter 98
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Porno Dianno is a Level 170000 Angel.

Porno Dianno is a Level 805,000 Demon.


Porno Dianno is a quite muscular and tall woman with long, dark hair, a pompous figure, and grayish blue eyes. She has leathery black devilish wings protruding from her upper back-region. She looks to be in her younger adult years, however, in reality she is over a thousand years old. She dons a redish, revealing attire.


She has a cold personality, bearing the title of "Ice Queen" by her devil affiliates. As the right hand of Satan she takes her title as Devil Commander very seriously and would hardly ever defy her master's orders.


As a high-ranked devil of Hell, Porno Dianno is assigned countless important tasks by her master, Satan. One of these many tasks eventually led to her having to battle Dark Schneider, the protagonist of the series. In this bout, neither party managed to emerge victorious, the battle ending in a stalemate between the two. Later on, Porno Dianno saw herself facing off against Schneider once again. During this fierce combat, Porno Dianno is successful in her attempts to rip Schneider's heart out. However, Schneider, in order to return to his original human body, makes use of this opportunity to kiss her. Due to the fact that Porno Dianno is seemingly a virgin, their kiss allows Schneider to revert back to his human form. Porno Dianno, although shocked, mocks Schneider for not realizing that an astral body is necessary to go to Hell. As a result, Schneider's newly aquired human body splits into hundreds of tiny fragments. Porno Dianno goes on to utilize a magical vacuum cleaner to finish off Schneider, however, one of Schneider's body fragments succeeds in flying into her asshole and proceeds to anally abuse her. Eventually, the other fragments of Schneider's body join in on the sexual assault, leading to Porno Dianno orgasming, and, as such, ensuring Schneider of his victory.
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