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Japanese Name:
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Gender: Male
Status: Deceased
First Appearance
Manga Debut: The Blazing Conqueror
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Osborn was a magician who lead the initial attack on Metallicana, he was later killed in battle by Dark Schneider.


Osborn is a squat man, with light hair and dark eyebrows, and a mouth full of sharp mangled teeth. He wears a hooded robe with a spiked, metal agal around the crown of his head to hold the hood in place. Around his neck he wears a long necklace made of various bones.


First shown leading an attack on the castle of the kingdom of Metallicana, Osbourn charged into battle against the kindgom's defenses on horseback. In his assault, besides the various foot soldiers, Osborne also brought several trolls. After he broke into the interior of the castle, he was confronted by Dark Schneider. After being mocked for his weak attack against Dark Schneider, he is casually killed by Dark Schneider's spell, Venom.


Osborne is a magician, as such, he uses spells as his primary means of attack. His only spell seen used was Balvolt, which Dark Schneider shrugged off.

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