Lars Ul Metallicana
Lars Ul Metallicana
Japanese Name: ラーズ
Romanji Name: Rāzu
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased (revived by Adam of Light)
Affiliation: Metallicana
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Lars Ul Metallicana is the brother of Sheila Metallicana.


Lars is a tall man with large spikey hair. His height is 186 cm, while his weight is 66 kg.


Brave and fearless. Stood up to the forces of heaven with the Sorcerer's shogun knowing that the outcome of the battle would be his demise. He's very brash and blunt with Dark Schneider due to their bitter rivalry, but respect each other in a mutual way despite their battle 15 years prior to the angel attack and fall of the King Crimson Glory.


Fifteen years before the start of the series, he fought Dark Schneider in a battle that lasted for several days. Dark Schneider had already succeeded in conquering most of earth at that time and would only need to get a few more kingdoms to rule the entire world. Lars found himself losing the battle and didn't spot any chance of victory. Having no other choice, he summons the "Dragon Knight", a mechanical robot that towers over 500 meters and was original made by the Ten Wise Men of Europa. The dragon itself, absorbing and multiplying the spiritual energy of anyone who used it, proved useful and helped Lars to kill Dark Schneider. The Dragon Knight itself however was cursed, as it was meant to be used against Anthrax, not Dark Schneider, who was intended to be the ultimate wielder of the armor, and the curse transformed Lars into a baby dragon. After the death of Dark Schneider, Lars is said to have gone missing, or even died, as no one knew what truly occurred on that day.

In the form of a baby dragon, Lars spends his time looking for a successor to the Dragon Knight. He was eventually found by Gara, the ninja master and one of the "Four Lords of Havoc" and made to be his pet. He even follows Dark Schneider around to observe him, knowing full and well that they were once deadly enemies. Right before the angels' attack on earth, the Dragon Knight was destroyed by Anthrax, thus freeing Lars from its spell. He tells Geo and the rest that the Dragon Knight isn't holy, as they once thought and that it was the reason behind his cursed form.

During the angel attack, Lars fights on against the angels using the power of the dragon. He is the last to stand his ground (as the Sorcerer Shoguns and Samurais were slayed), though he eventually is killed by the higher ranked angels.


  • Lars is blood type A
  • His birthday is September 24th.
.Lars name comes from the drummer of the band Metallica. Lars Ulrich
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