Kevidubu is a wizard who is first seen in chapter 1 of the Bastard!! manga. He has summoned a Hydra and attacks Metallicana castle to kill to one responsible for the death of fellow wizard Osbourne.


Kevidubu is a muscular man with long dark hair and dark, large eye brows. He has noticeable cheekbones and jawline and a small earring in his right ear.



Kevidubu is first introduced claiming he doesn't need Kall-Su's main army with him, and questions where is the guy who killed Osbourne. He then claims he will avenge him. As he burt out in laugh, he questions what's wrong, as he's going to destroy the whole city and asks the sorcerer of the city to come out. He then feels a strange evil aura. He begins to realize a sorcerer of incredible power is near in the castle. Standing on the Hydra's back, he bursts out in laughs again, telling people to look at what they have and that if they don't get off his way, he'll be ticked.

When Kevidubu reaches the castle after the Hydra smashed the wall through, he starts laughing yet again, and tells Dark Schneider he's found him and since he's defeated Osbourne, he came to see how strong he really is.
Kevidabu Death

Kevidubu's death.

He tells him to tremble before him, because he's Kall-Su's disciple, the future ruler of the world. He then laughs and challenges him to come and fight him. As Dark Schneider calls him a Mt. Fuji Brow, Kevidubu gets annoyed and tells him how impudent he is, and that he'll kill him. Kevidubu then dashes towards him, but Dark Schneider stops him with a single punch, with his fist pressed against his jaw. Dark Schneider calls him a dirty monkey and claims that he's dead. Dark Schneider proceeds to kill him off, by using the magic spell Venom, which vaporises Kevidubu. Dark Schneider then throws his corpse away.
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