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Manga Debut: Prelude
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Hydra is serpent demon.


A species of large carnivorous reptile native to swamps and marshes. Has 5-12 heads and very powerful offensive capabilities. There is also a fire-breathing sub-species called pyro hydra.


Hydra is a large serpent demon with 5 heads.


Hydra Fire Attack

Hydra's Fire Attack

The Hydra is first seen roaming through the forest heading towards the royal castle. As the Hydra enters the town it uses it's fire breath against number of people looking to fight against it.

It then begins to destroy everything in it's path. As Kevidabu enters the royal castle with the Hydra. The Hydra then begins to battle Dark Schneider's Golem. As Dark Schneider kills Kevidabu. The Golem begins to crush and tear off the Hydra's heads, thus killing it.
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