Golem (monster) Manga
Japanese Name:
Romanji Name:
Affiliation: Dark Schneider
First Appearance
Manga Debut: Confrontation
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Summoned by Dark Schneider, the Golem weighs over 100,000 tons. The most powerful type of golem, stone, it is said to have greater power than either dead or wood type golems. It can only be controlled by it's master, the magician who summoned it.


The Golem is a large statue of stone that resembles an Ogre.


The Golem first appears crashing through Metallicana's royal palace doors, after being summoned by Dark Schneider. As it begins to head up the stairs, it crashes through a wall, to where Dark Schneider is located, As Kevidabu enters the royal castle with a Hydra. The Hydra proceeds to battle with the Golem. As Dark Schneider kills Kevidabu, the Golem begins to crush and tear off the Hydra's heads, thus killing it. As Dark Schneider turns back into Lushe Ren Ren, the Golem slowly disappears.
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