The Dragon Knight

The Dragon Knight is a techno-organic magical armor that exists in the world of Bastard.


The Dragon Knight, named Lucifer, was created by the Twelve Wise Men of Europa in order to combat the Demon God Anthrax. Prior to the start of the series, it was used Lars Ul Metallicana to defeat Dark Schneider, however, this resulted in Lars being cursed into the form of an infant dragon. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Dragon Knight had the ability to amplify the spiritual and magical powers of the user a hundredfold.   It can be summoned anywhere in the universe.  However, overuse of this will destroy the user, leaving nothing left.  Not even his soul. d.s also used it to defeat the fallen augoeids 130 times power form of uriel.

  • Demolitioner Gun:
  • Spell Unpacker:
  • Exodus:
  • Giran Ira:
    Giran ira

    The Dragon Knight using Giran Ira to absorb Gaia's Judgement.

  • Light Wings Breaker:
  • Loudness All Guns Blazing: Dark Schneider opens the Dragon Knight Lucifer's nine elemental furnaces and combines them into a series of powerful beams. This was strong enough to break through Uriel's Dispel Bound and severely wound him.
  • Bloodstone: