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Anthrasax (also known as God of Destruction Anthrasax) is a female demon, with enormous destructive power. Other than that, little is known about Anthrasax, though it is believed that she is a feared being, as just mentioning its name, can create panic amongst people. Contrary to many beliefs, Anthrasax is not a being made of magic, but of science instead.


Anthrasax is seen as a giant mound of flesh and machinery the size of a small mountain, with horns and spikes rising form its back. It has two faces; one, the face of a horrid demon that is split in half by the second face, which is of a beautiful woman, the demonic parts sitting above and below those of the woman.


Anthrasax was created by scientists, magicians, and alchemists, hoping to put an end to all wars in the world. She was the culmination of all their work, and the most powerful of the Demon Gods that had been created. With her demonic and destructive power she destroyed big cities thus deciding the outcome of the war. Anthrasax then began acting under her own, free will, and by using her telepathy, she communicated with other Demon Gods and forced her will upon mankind. She declared war on humanity, and those that tried to stop her, were overwhelmed and left as corpses. On the verge of humanity's destruction, the Dragon Knight appeared before Anthrasax to stop her. As they battled they were moving the entire planet Earth's axis. After ten days of battle, one last attack from the Dragon Knight defeated her. The Dragon Knight then buried her deep down under the ground and trapped her with four seals.


Anthrasax is seen sleeping in the dungeon temple underneath Judas castle, chained up by four of the seals.

It eventually frees itself, and after a devastating battle in which Dark Schneider is banished to Hell, reveals itself to have been an Angel (or rather possessed by one, as the body had been revealed to have been created by humans in a flashback).

Powers and Abilities[]

Anthrasax can fire laser beams from the mouth and create/summon flesh creatures that fire laser beams (when at full power).


  • Anthrasax' design is a tribute to H. R. Giger, the man who designed the Xenomorph for the Alien movie series. Anthrasax and the Xenomorph both have a biomechanical appearance.
  • Anthrasax name comes from the fusion of the names of the American thrash metal band "Anthrax" and the British heavy metal band "Saxon".