Abigail is one of the main characters of the Bastard!! manga. Leader of the Four Divine Kings, he plots to obtain the Four Seals in order to revive the God of Destruction Anthrasax


Abigail is a heavily built man with a long face, and dark hair, who appears to be in his fourties.


Abigail has shown two distinct personalities throughout the series. The first was how he acted while under the control of Anthrasax; a sadistic megalomaniac. After being freed from Anthrasax's control, Abigail became very calm and stoic, but still somewhat over-the-top in his actions.


Abigail was a scientist at the end of the Old World, and one of the Ten Wise Men of Europa. His exact discipline was never revealed, but as one of the Twelve it is suggested he was working on the study of the spirit and spiritual matter such as Eternal Atoms.

After the destruction of the Old World, Abigail became a dark cleric, and traveled the world.

He refounded the Four Divine Kings and with the other members sought world domination. He later joined Dark Schneider and his group.

Shortly before the start of the series, Abigail broke one of the four seals holding Anthrasax, and became possessed by its spirit.

When Dark Schneider destroyed Abigail's body shortly before the two-year timeskip, it destroyed the essence of Anthrasax within him, leaving his soul free to rebuild his body. He hid himself in a technologically advanced exo-suit while his body was healing, and allied himself with Yoko's group as the Samurai Angus Yarn. He stayed silent for two years so that no one would recognize his voice, until he finally revealed himself during Dark Schneider's battle with Kall-Su at the floating Elven city of King Crimson. Yoko and the others were shocked that they never figured this out, considering Angus Yarn's face looked just like Abigail's.


Abigail is a powerful sorcerer, able to perform many black magic spells.


  • Accused: When the sorcerer decides to use ACCUSED on someone, their fingernail becomes blue. From that point on, the victim must follow an order given with the spell forever
  • Tool: a powerful magic beam.
  • Heretica: tentacles appear from the earth and tightly grab anyone near them.

Voice ActorsEdit

  • Japanese: Ryuzaburo Otomo
  • English: Richard Epcar
  • Italian: Stefano Albertini
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